Wednes­day, Octo­ber 17, 2018

What’s Next

Mon, Oct 22: Troop Meet­ing, Scout Hut (7:00pm)

All adult lead­ers are REQUIRED to take the new Youth Pro­tec­tion Train­ing regard­less of how recent you took the old YPT. Par­ents and 17 year-​old youth are also strongly encour­aged to com­plete YPT as well.

Click HERE to down­load the “How-​To” Guide for Tak­ing Youth Pro­tec­tion Training

Mon, Oct 22: Troop Meet­ing, Scout Hut (7:00pm)
Fri, Oct 2628: OA Ordeal, Worth Ranch
Sat, Oct 27: UNT Con­ces­sion Stand /​Apogee
Mon, Oct 29: Troop Meet­ing, Scout Hut (7:00pm)
Mon, Nov 5: Troop Meet­ing, Scout Hut (7:00pm)
Fri, Nov 9: Back­pack­ing Camp Out, Scout Hut (6:30pm)
Mon, Nov 12: PLC, Scout Hut (7:00pm)
Thu, Nov 15: UNT Con­ces­sion Stand /​Apogee


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2018 Lazy Man — Part Deux

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2018 Sum­mer Camp


2018 Lazy Man

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2018 Dis­trict Camporee

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2018 Shoot­ing Sports

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2018 Back­pack­ing

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2018 MLK

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2017 Lock-​In

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