Tues­day, July 23, 2019

What’s Next

Thu, Aug 2: OA Chap­ter Meet­ing, LDS Church (7:00pm)

Mon, Aug 5: Com­mit­tee /​Leader Plan­ning Meet­ing, Scout Hut (7:00pm)

What Hap­pens In Meet­ings

The Troop meet­ing will typ­i­cally fol­low the same agenda each time and last for approx­i­mately 90 minutes.


Prior to the start of the Troop meet­ing, the Patrol Leader Coun­cil con­ducts sev­eral pre­meet­ing activ­i­ties. These activ­i­ties include review­ing the meet­ing assign­ments (open­ing, song, skill instruc­tion, out­door activ­ity, etc.) This is also a time to ensure that all mate­ri­als needed for the meet­ing have been gath­ered. The pre-​assigned Ser­vice Patrol will arrange the room for the meet­ing by set­ting up benches.


The Patrol that has been assigned the open­ing cer­e­mony will bring the meet­ing to order with the pre­sen­ta­tion of col­ors. One of the Patrol mem­bers will “call the col­ors”, while the other mem­bers of the patrol assume the duties of the color guard. Dur­ing the open­ing cer­e­mony, the Pledge of Alle­giance will be recited fol­lowed by the Scout Oath.


The Senior Patrol Leader or Assis­tant Senior Patrol Leader will present the announce­ments for the infor­ma­tion of the Troop. These announce­ments will include upcom­ing events with any spe­cial equip­ment require­ments, oppor­tu­ni­ties for ser­vice hours, etc.


The spe­cific skills instruc­tion and the assigned instruc­tor is arranged prior to the meet­ing. The skills instruc­tion will almost always include a “knot of the night” along with a more advanced skill (first aid, build­ing a camp gad­get, etc.) The skills instruc­tion should fol­low the EDGE method of instruc­tion (Explain, Demon­strate, Guide, Enable).


The spe­cific out­door activ­ity and the assigned out­door activ­ity leader is arranged prior to the meet­ing. The out­door activ­ity can con­sist of a game of skill or a rank advance­ment activ­ity (rope lash­ing, tent pitch­ing, ori­en­teer­ing, etc.) The out­door activ­ity should always be safe and pro­vide adult supervision.


Each patrol will con­duct its own brief meet­ing and will be led by the Patrol Leader. The agenda for the Patrol meet­ing should include uni­form inspec­tion, cam­pout signups, menu plan­ning, plan­ning for a future Troop meet­ing open­ing cer­e­mony, etc. If an adult is not avail­able to act as an “advi­sor” to the patrol meet­ing, the patrol doors are to remain open.


The close of each Troop 140 meet­ing will include the recog­ni­tion of any rank advance­ments achieved by any scouts, fol­lowed by a Scout­mas­ter Minute, Scout Ves­pers, and benediction.


Fol­low­ing the meet­ing, the Patrol Lead­ers Coun­cil will gather briefly to dis­cuss the meet­ing (what worked well, what needs work, and briefly review the plan for

the next meet­ing). The pre-​assigned ser­vice patrol will work to arrange the meet­ing room, putting away benches and clean­ing up.

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